As long as I can remember, I've had a camera in my hands and when the opportunity came in 2019 to chase after a dream - I jumped! What started with a friend asking me to capture her engagement and elopement grew into Heather Sue Photography. Okay that's the short version, but the point is there is nothing I love more than being behind the camera capturing life, love, connection, and everything in between.

The ones who make life a whole lot sweeter

I’m a girl mom to the sweetest babe who is my absolute world, wife doing life with my best friend, and dog mom to two wild boys. If I’m not home editing, cuddling with one of my babes, cleaning or doing laundry - you’ll find me sipping on coffee, online shopping, and soaking up the sun. Or traveling, chasing the next best sunset with a Bloody Mary in hand.

When i'm not behind the camera

Your new third wheel bestie

I'm heather, 

After that cold Michigan day in 2019, I knew I had found my passion. I always say - photography was my missing puzzle piece in life and it's true, it completes me. My photos are filled with pieces of my heart, intertwined with your beautiful stories. Telling your story, witnessing your love, and preserving it in an artful way is my mission.

Slowly but surely my little, self-taught adventure blossomed into my very own business. An actual dream come true. I've never felt more at home than when I'm behind my camera observing, seeing, and capturing life's fleeting moments.

the camera in my hands is an extenstion of my heart

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